Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 You Make My Kids Sick

For the last month, all I have heard in my house was E3 is coming, E3 is coming.  the boys and I watch every year and I laugh at them yelling at the TV booing and cheering with different IP's that are introduced.  This year the boys were disappointed to find out that they would be working during the time each of their favorite conferences were being held.  Instead they would have to wait and come home and catch on YouTube with the unveiling.  Well this year there wasn't much to be unveiled.  They all raced home and started watching mostly booing and feeling that there was nothing really being offered other than the prospect of Xbox Project Scorpio and the possibility of a new Nintendo for next year.  Only a few games seemed to make them swoon like Zelda and Final Fantasy.  While watching with them I feel as if the market is becoming too saturated with random games.  There were so many that made absolutely no sense and I wonder if the people that came up with them were highly medicated. I know that ideas are constantly recycled but in the case of some of these games I could see the clear reflection of other games and I am truly a novice.  Every few years we see a new system and a few soul changing games and a price that sucks the soul.  I can't imagine how much this Project Scorpio system is going to cost.  From what some people say it may or may not have the 4K and VR capabilities that are being used in the description right now.  If it does that means you have to have the best quality television there is to get the best look of the video games.  I am a simple girl that misses her days of playing on a Sega Genesis and the older NES systems.  Hell I had my original GameBoy till my sister threw it out because it started making a hissing sound while she was playing Tetris a few years ago (that cut me deep).  Oh well at least I don't have to hear much more about E3 this week.

Did you watch any of E3?  What was your favorite unveiling?  What system do you still wish existed?

Peace, Love and Chocolate
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