Monday, September 19, 2011

He's Come Into His Wardrobe

Oh to live in the days of old when my son didn't care what he wore to school or anywhere for that matter.  Now that he is in school it is all about where his shirt came from, what shoes he is wearing, and how his hair is braided.  He has already told me that he wants to get them re-braided in a month.  I laughed, but I know what is in his mind.  As a kid you don't really have to work hard at what you look like.  You could blame it all on your parents, but as a teenager people pay more attention to how you present yourself.  So I guess it's my son's turn to fit in.  I remember those days.  I was lucky because I had 2 sisters that loved to take me school shopping before school and made sure that I always had a few new outfits and had my hair relaxed.  Then there was the fact that my best friend and I were the best at shopping in the clearance section.  She and I would clean up for less than $20 all the time at the mall.  Mixing and matching with what we had at home we'd make all sorts of outfits.  I have always been a t-shirt and jeans gal, so as long as I had a bunch of shirts I was always happy.  I guess it's the same with my son.  Unfortunately $20 gets you maybe 2 shirts now, even from the clearance section.  I think I have bought him about 12 (all $10 or less) new shirts for the school year and this kid wants more. I had to tell him to pace himself because t-shirts are ever changing and he is growing.  Last thing I want to do is waste my money and get met with a growth spurt.  He also needs shorts, pants and another pair of tennis shoes.  This kid has a taste for clothing.  Money, money, money, money, mooooney!!!  Thank goodness I love shopping at the thrift store, he better start.

"What Do You Do To Cut The Costs Of School Clothes?"

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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  1. Did you see the family on TV thst has 18, yes I wrote 18, children? Their motto is "Buy used, save the rest."


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