Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taken Advantage Of: Mom And Her Dinner

My mother is probably the oldest person where she works at and she is fine with it.  The younger women look to her for advice and someone to laugh with because my mother has some of the funniest life stories you'd ever want to hear.  Well the other day they invited my mother to dinner at Max & Erma's.  My mother absolutely hates going out to eat.  Whenever I mention it she cringes and so do I because I know I will be spending the better part of 2 hours hearing her complain about the menu.  Anyhoo, she arrives 15 minutes late, no one there.  I wait for a minute with her but eventually I have to leave to go pick up the boys at school.  I tell her to call me if they are no shows or give me the heads up when they are almost finished.  Thank goodness it was Friday and the day that I normally get to eat out, so the boys and I stayed in the area where she was.  As soon as we were finished she called and asked for me to come back to get her.  When she gets in the car she tells me that she had promised another woman that she would pay for her dinner because the woman had once paid for her $7 breakfast.  I figured that was a nice thing to do and nice of my mom to remember to return the favor.  That was until I learned what this heffa ordered.  She ordered lemonade, fine.  Then she attempted to order an appetizer, but decided not to.  Yellow flag on the play.  Then she ordered a rack of ribs for $19.99.  Serious red flag.  Excuse me, someone is returning the favor of a $7 breakfast and you order ribs?  My mother is too kind to say anything and is only things about the amount of money in her wallet.  They eat and when the bill comes my mother pays, fine.  As for the tip, my mother asks the woman to pay.  She looks at my mother and says, "I don't tip anybody, ever".  Flashing red light.  The waitress offers dessert and my mother doesn't even flinch, but the woman does and asks one of the other girls to buy for dessert.  Stupidly one of them actually does buy it for her. 

I couldn't believe it, I was so livid that this woman had the audacity to take advantage of my mother being nice.  I vowed to give her the stank-eye next time I see her because that type of ish just rattles me.  I always hate it when people see an opportunity to get over and do it to someone that they "like and respect".  This just reminded my mother that she would not ever accept an invitation to go to breakfast, lunch or dinner with anybody from work ever again.  I told her that she could, just never offer to pay for anyone and always tell the waiter that you need a separate check and leave your tip in the in the check.  Free loading cow.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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