Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Texting And Booze, A Naughty Combo

As summer comes to an end all the fun drunken late nights will slow.  Who am I kidding, no they won't.  I wish they would because I am getting mighty tired of my male friends drunk texting me their naughty thoughts.  I have hit the floor several times this summer (I have a bruise to prove it) from unsuspecting pictures and not very well thought out messages.  The messages are pretty much straight to the point and made a girl that is yellow turn red.  I always wait until they sober up and let them know exactly what they said.  Most laugh it off and say please ignore me even though they always ask would I consider their request.  Being propositioned by a drunk man by text is in no way what I call romantic.  "Next time I see you I want to...", really dude, it's 1am and I have a cold and for some reason your thumbs have decided to target me. 

Do guys really think that this is a form of foreplay?  Misspelled words and incoherent sentences in the middle of the night.  Let me swoon.  yes let me run towards the guy who no doubt is slumped over in a corner trying to remain awake.  One of these guys was at a party with a mutual friend.  I was texting her as well and I was dying laughing wanting to tell her what was being said as she saw him texting me.  Another night I swear I was being tag teamed because these fools seemed to text me in tandem.  I had to pull out my Cher from Clueless and say "as if"!  Now I am a lady I sending naughty texts during the light of day while I am sober.  I don't even call it foreplay.  I like to call it a friendly reminder.

"Have You Ever Drank and Text?  Did You Regret What You Sent The Next Day?"

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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