Thursday, September 22, 2011

X Factor Is Going To Work My Ever Loving Nerve

I can tell I will not be watching this show very long.  I liked it when there was equal hate instead of all of this sugar coated stuff they are shoveling down our throats.  I missed Simon, but this is not Simon.  I don't like the age range and I don't like the judging.  Maybe once the actual voting part of the show begins it will get real.  No more tone deaf seniors, screaming teenagers, adorable youngsters that just can not sing or folks getting naked to show how stupid they are.  I will finish watching tonight but if another person starts humping the stage, acting like Prince or Rick James I am going to throw the remote through the tv.  I need to be a judge because I would be absolutely brutal.  I would have no expression and just say yes or no, crushing dreams right and left.  The power I would wield.  I may even invent a trap door that would make people disappear if they were that horrible.  We shall see.  And by the way when did Mariah Carey do a Pepsi commerical?

"What Did You Think About The Show?"

Peace, Love and Chocolate


  1. When they started doing all the light flickering as if there was a ghost in there, I cringed at the cheese. Mostly I was entertained by the show, but I hate the obvious plants of the people who they know are awful.

  2. I commend you for watching. I tried but I just can't do reality tv. LOL


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