Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Am Woman Hear Me Yawn!!!

So I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn (i.e. 4am) to make some delicious Liege Belgian Waffles.  Those suckers were so freaking good.  The sugar pearls were melted in my mouth.  I added a little whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate shavings.   Absolutely fabulous.  I have enough batter to make one tonight so there will breakfast for dinner.  

Anyhoo, I have been running on empty these last few days.  Sleep is not my friend, as they have been missing.  Tuesday I was exhausted and didn't have the opportunity to sleep till my normal sleep time.  Wednesday was a hell of a night that kept me tossing and turning for hours.  Today I decided to let the chef in me awaken.  At this point in the day this is the first true moment I have sat down.  Between drop offs, doctor appointments and putting on front brakes (yes, I helped to put them on after all I am a jack of all trades), I have yet to relax for a moment.  Now time ticks for me to make dinner and pick up one child.  Yeah, can't you feel the joy coming up my throat.  I know that I am not working and I really shouldn't complain but sometimes I really want to get into my car and just drive somewhere quiet.  Where I can eat, sleep and be happy on my own time.  I love my family and they do make me hapy but there are moments I would like to locked then in a soundproof room for a week.  Oh well I will treat my bedroom like an oasis and try to shut out the world tonight.


Peace, Love and Chocolate,

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